About Us

All of the products you find in our store are sold NEW, in their original packaging, unless otherwise noted. This includes figurines, dolls, keychains, etc. We receive products from our manufacturers and distributors, and store them in an adequate environment until an order is placed. From time to time, so long as the product is not retired, we request additional stock on items we've run out of. If you have an interest in purchasing an item that is marked "out of stock" or otherwise not listed in our store, we would be happy to see if we can find it for you! Please contact us by phone or email

Since 1993 we have been providing quality Betty, Elvis and Marilyn items.

The move to our new online store www.bettysuperstore.com was no doubt a needed change. Our original store location goodies-galore, were pioneers of the e-commerce front.

Thank you for being with us all these years, and in years to come!

Goodies Galore